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Marty & Eileen Blair

Marty and Eileen first started making wine in the basement of their Redwood City home with a 1998 Barbera. After receiving numerous awards as home winemakers and repeated requests from family and friends for more wine, they decided to venture forth in planning for a commercial vineyard and winery. In 2001 they purchased their 10 acre estate in Placerville and started planting the vineyard. In 2007 Mais Fica was established as a commercial bonded winery.

As a clinical chemist, Marty has always found the chemistry of winemaking to be fascinating. He has strengthened his winemaking skills by attending classes in the enology program at UC Davis. He has gained further experience as an active member in the El Dorado County Grape Growers Association, the California Association of Grape Growers (CAWG), and the El Dorado Home Winemakers Association.

The winemaking process has been a family event at Mais Fica from the very beginning. Eileen and her brother, Tim Finnigan, have designed their award winning wine labels. Numerous family and friends have lent a helping hand during harvest and bottling activities. We invite you to join the family and friends of Mais Fica Winery who have been enjoying these wines for the last ten years.

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